BANCOS with new brand identity

BANCOS and G&H Bankensoftware AG are continuously developing on many levels – especially in the area of our product portfolio. With a comprehensive rebranding, these further developments are now also highlighted visually and communicatively.

We are using the new brand identity to communicate a number of important points relating to the company’s corporate and product strategy more clearly. This was initially accompanied by a brand architecture decision. While both the product name “BANCOS” and the associated cube element have long been part of our company, from now on we will be using BANCOS even more clearly and consistently than ever before in our brand communication. The link with our current five main solutions shows that, in addition to the core banking system, our portfolio has now become much broader and more modular. Over time, we have continuously developed and expanded our range of software solutions – such as with the core agnostic products Online Banking and Onboarding, which, among other things, enable workflow automation and embedded finance.

An evolutionary modernization

In terms of design, we have kept the color red and the characteristic cube as central elements of the logo and the overall appearance. Changes in a few key details modernize the brand overall in the process: a lighter, friendlier color tone, a new more independent block serif font in the logo, and more coherent placement of the wordmark.

In addition to the primary logo, there is a new secondary logo variant that creates a connection with our service areas in a landscape format. The BANCOS cube forms the link to the umbrella brand. Each service area is linked with a key visual based on systematically designed graphic elements. These are created by subdividing and rearranging the BANCOS cube into individual elements that are reminiscent of pixels or sections of QR codes – a metaphor for the digital transformation in which we support our customers with our software solutions.

New website as central digital touchpoint

Step by step, the new brand identity is being implemented on more and more touchpoints and media. The start of the rebranding process is marked by our new website as the central digital contact point for customers, employees, applicants, and all other stakeholders. After the admittedly somewhat information-reduced previous website, we now want to communicate our services and our company in a more relevant, comprehensive, and up-to-date manner. The launch version is just the beginning and will be continuously updated and expanded.

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