Our vision
Banking at any time where it is needed.
Our mission
We automate banks and fintechs with smart software. We see ourselves as part of a digital ecosystem.

Corporate guiding principles

Our corporate guiding principles are incorporated in the vision and mission statements for BANCOS and G&H Bankensoftware AG. Through these we express our attitude as a company and show the contributions we want to make to society, the market, and our customers. We apply the expertise of the company and our employees in the development and operation of software to solutions that make banking simpler, more efficient, and more flexible. Close cooperation with our customers and partners in the market is particularly important to us.

Board of Directors

Boris Hoeflich

Boris is responsible for Business Development, Software Development & Testing, Human Relations, and Sales & Marketing. After an apprenticeship in banking and studying business administration in Hannover, Marburg, and Glasgow, he worked for 13 years as a management consultant in the banking sector. His focus was on transformation management, strategy development, and project management. Boris has been a member of the Executive Board of G&H Bankensoftware AG since June 2021.

Erik Endriss

Erik has been working in various positions at G&H Bankensoftware AG since his computer science studies at the TU Berlin. As one of the first employees, he is significantly responsible for the development of many areas and applications of the BANCOS software. Erik was appointed managing director in 1992. The transformation into a public limited company in 1999 was accompanied by his appointment as technical director, a position he still holds today.

Steffen Hertlein

As COO, Steffen is responsible for Requirements Engineering, Legal & Regulatory, Compliance & Information Security, Controlling, and Office Management. He joined G&H Bankensoftware AG in September 2000 and was appointed to the Executive Board in 2005. Prior to that, after completing his apprenticeship in banking, Steffen held positions at Norisbank and Deutsche Handelsbank, including Head of Banking Operations and Project Manager.

G&H Bankensoftware AG

G&H Bankensoftware AG develops software for banks and fintechs under the BANCOS brand at its headquarters in Berlin. Our B2B solutions in the areas of core banking systems, workflow-based process automation, embedded finance, and online banking are used by national and international financial institutions. In total, over 80 companies – either directly or through partners – are among our customers. To complete our portfolio of products and services, we have built an extensive and close-knit partner network, including in the areas of IT outsourcing and application management.

The foundation of the company

Our company was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of the private bank Gries & Heissel Bankiers, which was founded shortly before in 1987 in Berlin. In the founding period, the bank was still using the then common connection to a computer center in the IT area. However, technological developments in the area of PCs, operating systems, and databases quickly opened up new possibilities, which the team – led by founder and technomathematician Thorsten Heissel – knew how to exploit for innovative software developments. The resulting banking software – initially primarily for the administration and management of current accounts – offered major cost savings and speed advantages compared to previous standards. This made it possible and affordable for banks to switch from the data center to their own infrastructure. With these technical advantages, as well as the consistent orientation of the software to banking requirements, other banks were quickly won as customers and users in addition to the parent company.

Continuous development of company and software

In 1992, "BANCOS" was introduced as a product brand – from the obvious combination of "Bank" and "Operating System". The software was continuously developed and expanded in line with customer and market requirements. From the very beginning, the software-supported automation of processes to make work easier for the banking organization in the interest of its customers were in the foreground – and exactly this attitude drives us today.

Whereas in the past, this meant the secure storage of data or the prompt mapping of transactions, now the focus for us and our customers is on topics such as efficient workflow control, the full automation of processes, and the introduction of new sales channels.

Partnerships and memberships

Careers at BANCOS

Shape banking and fintech software with us: At our headquarters in Berlin, we employ around 80 people – and we plan to grow! On our careers page you can find all current open positions and learn more about our corporate culture, teams, and departments. There is a lot to be said for us as an employer – and the employer insights platform kununu sees it that way, too, having named us one of the Top Companies 2022.