BANCOS. Online Banking

The online banking for specialized retail banks

Optimize one of the central touchpoints of your product and brand experience with us and differentiate yourself from the competition. BANCOS Online Banking combines a flexible technical infrastructure and many options for parameterization with proven functionalities that enable a fast time to market.

Your benefits with
BANCOS Online Banking


Can be used both in combination with BANCOS Core Banking or independently of it

White label solution

Custom-fit individualization of functionalities and user interfaces possible

Short time to market

Proven standard components accelerate implementation

With BANCOS Online Banking, you can integrate an important customer channel as an additional application in your existing systems landscape and offer your customers convenient management of their banking products - including call money and time deposits, various types of loans, and checking accounts.

Realize contemporary digital customer experiences

Both the level of functionality and the user interface can be tailored precisely to your services and clientele. The multi-theme capability, which makes it possible to customize online banking for different customer and product groups, is worth highlighting. BANCOS Online Banking is developed mobile first and with responsive design suitable for all common end devices. Multilingualism and adaptation to different local standards is also easy thanks to parametric control.

The postbox core service enables messages and documents to be sent and delivered efficiently to customers via a modern API. For efficient management, attachments are forwarded to an archive system. In addition, customers can actively contact the bank via the contact form core service and upload documents or files.

  • Individual product configuration, e.g. for loans, overnight and time deposits or checking accounts
  • Responsive design and mobile first
  • Multi-theme capability for customer segmentation
  • Extensive postbox functions
  • Multi-language capability and adaptable to local standards
BANCOS Online Banking - Demo-Theme Benutzeroberfläche

The BANCOS Online Banking demo theme user interface

The technology behind BANCOS Online Banking

Our solution is characterized by a flexible API-based framework. Deep integration is possible with our core banking system as well as automated application processes. Via an API connector, any other core banking system can also be integrated with the BANCOS online banking backend. The same applies to the integration of third-party services, which is also interface-based. In addition, the software is characterized in its structure by a modular design in which the individual product configuration is efficiently and leanly implemented.

BANCOS Online Banking was developed as a cloud-native application and can be flexibly deployed on different platforms thanks to the container technology used. If required, on-premise deployment is also possible.

In terms of security, you can rely on our proven process, which includes regular source code audits. Optionally, we can provide you with monitoring that visualizes log data from online banking and thus enables data-driven analyses in real time. In addition, a connection to a (headless) CMS for independent editing of content of the user interface is possible.

  • Flexible API-based framework
  • Core banking system-independent connection
  • Regular security audits and tested security and role concept
  • Modular design for a lean software solution
  • Use of flexible container technology
  • Optional data-driven real-time monitoring via Kibana dashboards
  • Optional connection to (headless) CMS for content editing

Are you interested in our BANCOS solutions?

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