BANCOS. Onboarding

Accounts for deposits and savings in just 5 minutes

Enable your customers to open deposit accounts directly and quickly - including access to online banking as well as enabling payment transactions via IBAN. Use our automation solution to ensure a convenient, fast and seamless customer experience. This will give you a decisive competitive edge in the fiercely contested deposits business.

Your benefits with BANCOS Onboarding
for deposits

For your deposits business

  • Massive increase in scalability in product sales
  • Efficient processes relieve employees and increase profitability
  • Strengthening competitiveness with state-of-the-art design of the application process

For your customers

  • Convenient, fully digital product experience
  • Account can be managed immediately via online banking and is enabled for payment transactions
  • Enables time and location-independent applications for savings or deposits accounts

For your IT

  • Seamless connection to existing IT architecture possible
  • Flexible interface architecture
  • Monitoring dashboard creates real-time transparency for controlling at technical and functional level
  • High transparency of business workflows through BPMN 2.0 compatibility

Free checklist: automation deposits application processes

Check easily and directly how complete the automation of your application processes for deposits products is under the objective of a true end-to-end process.

On the basis of our checklist, we will show you how to implement a convenient, fast and seamless application process that will greatly improve the customer experience of your deposits and savings offers.

Highest automation
of end-to-end processes

With BANCOS Onboarding, we enable you to achieve a consistently high level of automation in your application processes for deposits and savings. Because for many existing application journeys, this has not yet been optimally exploited. Even a single manual break can quickly increase costs in the mass business for savings and deposits.

That is why our solution is consistently designed end-to-end: from data entry via a secure and convenient web frontend to the direct provision of an IBAN and online banking access for your new customers - in just 5 minutes.


BANCOS Deposits Suite - process

Covered process steps in the deposits business


Flexible integration of additional
BANCOS components

In addition to BANCOS Onboarding, more of our solutions can be integrated into the existing IT architecture according to your individual needs. Depending on the level of technological maturity, our Online Banking and Core Banking can complement the existing setup and can thus provide further process acceleration.


BANCOS Deposits Suite - implementation options

Implementation options of BANCOS components in the deposits business

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