BANCOS. Onboarding

Offer corporate loans quickly, efficiently and conveniently

Advance process automation for corporate loans significantly with BANCOS Onboarding. Leverage substantial efficiency gains, exploit new opportunities to unlock business potential, and offer your corporate customers - especially in the SME segment - a greatly improved customer experience for loan applications. On a technical level, you benefit with the deployment of Camunda for process orchestration from transparent, workflow-based credit decisions and easy integration into your existing system landscape.

Your benefits with BANCOS Onboarding
in corporate lending

For your lending business

  • Increasing scalability in the provision of corporate loans
  • Improvement of margins even in small-scale lending business
  • Automated decision logics prevent rule violations
  • More resources for large-volume and correspondingly risk-relevant lending business
  • Significantly accelerated application processing and turnaround times

For your customers

  • Fully digital customer experience
  • Less effort for the loan application
  • Rapid credit decision and payment
  • Offering convenient omni-channel communication and interaction
  • Improved personal advice through time savings

For your IT

  • High transparency of business workflows through BPMN 2.0 compatibility and DMN
  • Flexible interface architecture
  • Monitoring dashboard for real-time controlling on technical and business level

Free whitepaper: automation of corporate lending processes (German only)

The automation of lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has the potential to sustainably transform financing processes for both banks and corporate customers. This path to increased efficiency, transparency and customer focus is not without its challenges. But with our 20-page whitepaper, you'll get a sound, practical start to achieving these powerful competitive advantages in the SME lending business.

Exemplary process in the corporate business:
this is how the automated loan application works

The process starts with the loan application, which contains information about the company and the financing project. The application information can be processed from various sources via applicable interfaces in an omni-channel approach, such as online via an application frontend by the customer, by the account manager during a consultation, or via a loan comparison platform.

Once the application has been submitted, an initial automated quick check can be performed in real time. For example, the company can be assessed for strategy conformity and on the basis of a creditworthiness index. The implemented rules are implemented specifically according to your requirements with the help of DMN Decision Tables and thus remain transparent within the automated process. These early automated process decisions improve process efficiency and reduce process costs.

The existing customer and total commitment check can be used to determine the existing and new commitment of the applying company. This enables the identification of relevant credit thresholds, which allow an individual evaluation of the credit request in the subsequent process. Related individuals and legal entities can also be identified to group customers into a "group of related customers". This automated process step allows you to comply with regulatory requirements as well as your own rules and regulations.

In this pivotal step, the risk analysis is performed. Thanks to our flexible API architecture, in-house or external balance sheet analyses and rating systems can be integrated. Via an integrated customer portal, the applying company can provide documents on creditworthiness and transfer them for further processing. Balance sheet ratios and -thresholds can be determined and a credit decision can be made. ESG risks can also be taken into account in the decision-making process. In this process, the credit assessment is carried out on the basis of the predefined and implemented parameter values.

With the help of a digital account check, cash flow calculations can be created and risks in account behavior can be identified. This allows the derivation of characteristics for companies with low or high credit ratings in order to make a credit decision.

If a rating-dependent loan proposal is requested, the next step is to determine the individual interest rate according to your specifications and to create a repayment plan. This can be based on rating classes or the rating score, for example. The indicative credit proposal can be provided via the customer portal. If the proposal is accepted, the next step is contract creation and legitimation.

For the KYC process, you can also integrate your own or third-party systems partially or completely thanks to our flexible API architecture. For an improved user experience, the beneficial owners can be determined via our customer portal as well as through secure data interfaces to corresponding providers, and the contracting party as well as the responsible persons can be identified in a GWG-compliant manner. The same applies to a review of PEP and sanctions lists. Subsequently, the persons required to sign are sent to the legitimation process in order to obtain a legally secure credit agreement. Through our partner network, an individual combination of services is possible. These include tried-and-tested procedures such as video or account identification, as well as uncomplicated QES integration for digital signatures. This ensures a customer experience free of media discontinuity.

Once the credit application has been completed and accepted, the data on the credit and the applicant is transferred fully automatically via interface to your core banking system and, if applicable, your CRM, and the disbursement of the credit or the opening of the credit line is initiated.

The complete digitization of the credit application process allows comprehensive analysis and control options at the technical and functional level. To take advantage of these, we can also provide an interactive dashboard that visually presents all relevant data from the entire credit application process. Among other things, this allows you to monitor key KPIs such as accepted and rejected loan applications in real time or to identify the causes of functional and technical process failures, which you can use directly for optimization as well as for monitoring error-free operation.

Getting started via implementation of an application frontend

A recommended way to get started with the digitization and automation of corporate lending processes is to set up and use an application frontend in the form of an online application on your website. In terms of functionality, this primarily enables information to be collected as part of the application via a secure data connection, as well as communication between the customer and the bank in the subsequent process.

Such a front-end offers banks the following advantages:

  • Very little need to connect to existing systems
  • Can be implemented quickly and inexpensively
  • Achievement of "quick wins" in terms of increased efficiency, e.g. through automated preliminary checks
  • Modernization of a key customer touchpoint
  • Efficient testing of acceptance of digital processes and possibility to obtain customer feedback


External compliance check

We have had our comprehensive end-to-end corporate lending solution based on BANCOS Onboarding reviewed by industry experts for compliance with the following legal requirements:

  • § 10 ff. GwG
  • 18 KWG
  • 25 KWG in conjunction with MaRisk

The compliance check we conducted provided us with the legal insights needed to develop an automated and compliant loan application process for SME customer onboarding. This provides us and our customers with a very sound basis for the individual regulatory design as part of an implementation process.

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