Checklist: automation deposits application processes

Check easily and directly how complete the automation of your application processes for deposits products is under the objective of a true end-to-end process.

On the basis of our checklist, we will show you how to implement a convenient, fast and seamless application process that will greatly improve the customer experience of your deposits and savings offers.

What you get with the download

Checklist for auditing the degree of automation in the deposits business

Overview of success factors for end-to-end process design

Brief introduction to our software solution BANCOS Deposits Suite

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Since its foundation in 1988, G&H Bankensoftware AG has been developing software for banks and fintechs under the BANCOS brand at its Berlin location. Our B2B solutions in the areas of core banking systems, workflow-based process automation, embedded finance, and online banking are used by national and international financial institutions. To complete our product and service portfolio, we have built an extensive and close-knit partner network, including in the areas of IT outsourcing and application management.

The flexible BANCOS software solutions ensure that our customers' processes work in optimal harmony. They are characterized in particular by a smart scope for customization. This enables us to address the individual business models in the banking market and to contribute to secure the business success of our customers with our software - today and tomorrow.

Christoph Jeromin
Head of Marketing & Sales