G&H Bankensoftware AG starts company building with fintech startups

With the BANCOS Fintech Builder, G&H Bankensoftware AG establishes its business unit around company building. We are now looking for motivated founders who want to realize their idea for a fintech startup with us. Mentoring by experienced experts, market know-how and market access as well as technical and professional capacities for an efficient MVP development are particular strengths of our offer.

Our approach to fintech company building

Despite, or perhaps precisely because of, the current increasingly difficult market situation, we have decided to start building up this business unit now. As an established, profitable mid-sized company in the software industry, we operate with a solid capital base and without dependencies on external investors. This gives us flexibility even in difficult market situations and allows us to focus on our core business activities at any time.

The planned cooperation between the founders and the BANCOS team covers all areas of the venture. As a fintech builder, we support the founders in MVP development and in finding the ideal product-market fit as quickly as possible. At the same time, we make sure that all issues related to the company setup run as smoothly as possible. After the successful launch of the MVP and the acquisition of the first customers, our teams provide support in the later stages of the development and operation of a scalable, stable, regulatory-compliant application.

In addition to the transfer of industry and market know-how, mentoring, and the provision of financial resources, we offer extensive personnel and technical support for software development. In addition, we have various software solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies, which can be used in whole or in part as a basis for rapid MVP development if necessary.

The joint development of startups in the BANCOS Fintech Builder is designed as an independent business model alongside our core business as an established B2B software company. The capital for the investments in our startups in the Fintech Builder comes exclusively from our own business activities. The startups are not subject to any short-term targets.  Decisions for the participation of further venture capital investors can be made together with the founders depending on the development of the company, the market and the overall economic situation.

Market segment focus and application

As far as the subject matter of the business ideas is concerned, we definitely see potential beyond the hype topics. Our focus is on process automation (as RPA or workflow solutions), data analytics, AI, banking, open banking and personal finance. We are open to both B2C and B2B solutions.

The first step for founders is simple: the process starts with sending the pitch deck. After the first screening we will contact the founders in any case and design the further process.

Go to the landing page of the BANCOS Fintech Builder for further information about the program and the application.

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