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Build your next fintech with us!

Between mainframe applications and crypto currencies, there is a huge space for great business ideas in the financial industry. We help you make yours successful.

About the
BANCOS Fintech Builder

We are experienced and successful founders and mentors with a passion for tech. For more than 30 years, G&H Bankensoftware has been engineering software under its BANCOS brand for the banking industry.

The knowledge we have gained over time, the network we have built,  and the spirit we share at BANCOS are what we offer to those who are hungry, humble, and bold enough for the adventure of building a fintech company from scratch.

When building a new venture in this business unit, we follow a slightly different approach compared to most company builders and VC investors. For us, the most important aspects are that we share a common vision and that we form a great team together. Founding, growing, and scaling a business is challenging, so it is important that we build a solid foundation together.

Capital invested

We invest money we have earned from selling our products. We do not have targets from external investors and no pressure to perform within a particular time frame. So you can focus on creating a great product while we focus on keeping everything else running for you. At a later stage, we will decide together whether we scale up with additional external investors or run autonomously.

Key areas of interest

We want to support the best ideas. In doing so, we don't just look at hypes. Our focus for innovative business ideas is mainly on process automation (as RPA or workflow solutions), data analytics, AI, banking, open banking and personal finance. We are open to both B2C and B2B solutions.

Software engineering

Our engineering teams are real product creators. So you can be sure that not only will we help you build your first “don't-look-under-the-hood-MVP” as quickly as possible as time to market is of the essence. Furthermore, the faster your product is out there, the faster you can test it – we also have a proven track record of building secure, stable, and regulatory compliant applications.

This is what you
can expect from us

A dedicated team

We have more than 80 experts with backgrounds in IT, banking and regulatory, and compliance. Everyone and everything you need to build your fintech is already here.


Founding, growing, and scaling a business is very rewarding. But undoubtedly, you will experience stress and sleepless nights, too. We make sure you are supported throughout, especially when the ride gets bumpy.

A broad network

As part of our digital ecosystem we work with a broad range of external partners. These partners will also be yours if you partner with us.

Existing B2B software solutions

Apart from our B2B product offering we do have many easily adaptable and ready to use software components. If applicable, these solutions could help reduce your time to market significantly.

IT infrastructure and operations

We can run software on our premises in a virtual environment or cloud. Cloud may be the default choice, but there could be exceptions for certain applications.

Free office space in Berlin

There is a dedicated office space waiting for you in our headquarter if you require it.

Support in the acquisition of fresh capital

CEOs of scaling startup ventures spend a big chunk of their time securing new investment. Scaling with venture  capital is optional for us and not a must. But if, together, we decide to follow that path, we will support you in finding additional financial sources.

Provision of a basic salary

As a founder, you receive a basic salary to cover essential costs.

When is the right time to get in touch with us?

The ideal time to do this is as soon as you have further developed your business idea after broad critical feedback in several iterations. A first prototype together with potential customer feedback is an advantage. An MVP is not necessary. However, we are happy to look at a pitch deck on your business at an advanced stage as well.

What your pitch deck should include

Basic requirements are:

  • Situation / complications / solutions
  • Team
  • Product / service
  • Market
  • Business model
  • USP / unfair advantage
  • Proof of concept
  • Funding requirements
  • Fit between our company and your business idea
  • Contact data

NB: We are looking for founding teams, however, we can also help individuals find a matching co-founder.

Application process

Interested in creating the next fintech with us?

Can you tick every box?

  • I/we have an awesome business idea
  • I/we know how the business can become profitable and we have some initial proof that it can work
  • Our pitch deck is as perfect as it can be
  • My/our business idea matches with the BANCOS guiding principles
  • My/our motivation and commitment is above all standards
  • I am / we are ready to make sacrifices in order to succeed
  • I am / we are ready for a bumpy ride
  • I am / we are ready for the most exciting adventure in the business world

Anything more you need to know? Please contact us!

Boris Hoeflich
Member of the Executive Board